1. General questions
    1.3. What’s the story behind the name INDIE FURNITURE?

  • The independent movement has become synonymous with an optimistic subculture of self-driven change. Indie culture has taken root in urban centers worldwide with an inspired do-it-yourself attitude, sparking an ideological shift in the manufacturing, dispersal, and usage of products and media. In contrast to impersonal brands of multinational corporations, the manifestos of the independent design community are inspired by modern behaviors of direct communication and personal interconnectivity. top
    1.5. How does INDIE FURNITURE manage to offer Swiss design at a decent price?

  • Through direct trade we manage to establish a direct connection between designer and user without additional costs for corporate middle men. This allows us to produce at local factories rather than in low-wage countries. In addition keeping transportation footprint at a minimum helps us making design affordable for everyone. top

    2. Qeustions related to the INDIE FURNITURE clamp system
    2.1. Is it stable?

  • Absolutely. Through the unique clamping mechanism every joint of the shelf plays a part in contributing to the solidity of the entire system. top
    2.4. Why do you offer the clamps in one color only?

  • INDIE FURNITURE stands for honesty and straightforwardness. Adding color to the aluminium pieces would increase production costs and decrease resistance to mechanical impacts. The raw surface of the joint components is going to look even better the longer you use them. top

    3. Questions concerning the panels
    3.1. Where can I get them?

  • At the trusted carpenter around the corner or at the do-it-yourself store. The local craftsmen is going to be able to take care not only of the cutting but of the rounding of the edges, too. Most likely he will have a wider range of goods and unlike the DIY market, he is probably willing to sell fractions of a standard wood board. top
    3.2. What kind of material can be used together with the joint components?

  • We recommmend wood. There’s a whole variety of different wood types, e.g. MDF, chipboard, plywood or solid wood. Make sure to buy material only. We don’t want to limit you: feel free to chose a different material than wood but please consider that INDIE FURNITURE solely provides a component without guarantying proper functioning of the finsished shelf. top
    3.4. How expensive are the panels for my shelf?

  • It all depends on your choice of material. Have a look at the overall area of the material requirements in the sidebar of the configurator and check with your local carpenter. top

    4. Questions regarding the configurator

    5. Questions about shipping
    5.5. How much are the custom fees?

  • This depends on your order and the destination of the shipment. For further information please contact your national customs administration. top

    6. Questions related to the installation of the shelf
    6.3. Where can I build it up?

  • On every flat and solid ground. Please consider that floors tend to sag towards the center of the room (especially in old buildings). Use an auxiliary spacer to have your shelf in an upright position. For outside use contact your local carpenter. top

    7. Questions using the shelf
    7.1. What is the maximum load I can put on a single panel?

  • INDIE FURNITURE has conducted heavy testing. We have put books, a whole collection of vinyl and even cement bags on the structure. Short-term observations didn’t show any problems. Due to long-term impacts we still recommend not to use MDF and chipboard for heavily loaded shelves. top
    7.5. I want to get rid of my shelf. Is it recyclable?

  • Your shelf is made out of aluminum, steel and most likely wood. All of which are recyclable materials. But hey, who wants to dispose of a nice shelf in proper working oder? Drop us an and we will post it on our blog. Someone else will be more than happy to adopt your shelf. top

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